Good for People and Nature

The Adwuma Ye foundation is committed to support the people and environment of Ghana with specific goals and visible results.

About Adwuma Ye

The foundation was established in March of 2009

Our projects help reduce litter and deforestation. We support emancipation, create workspaces for people with physical/mental limitations and give young people the opportunity to build their future.

Our projects

Founded in 2010


Tuma Viela is a project for the people and the environment. It offers women, young adults, and young people with a physical/mental limitation the opportunity for growth. It provides children and the elderly valuable products of recycled material. It prevents pollution, increases environmental awareness and provides education on these subjects.

Founded in 2014


New Cooking Bag is a project for people and the environment.
The New Way of Cooking:
• Saves women time,
• Makes cooking safer,
• Is healthier for women and children, 
• Is good for the environment: it saves 50% on firewood, charcoal or gas,
• Makes food more flavourful,
• Saves money,
• Is more hygienic and the food is healthier.

Founded in 2016


In 2016 the idea came about to start a project introducing reusable care products; environmentally friendly and cost
effective. Female students who can’t afford to buy disposable sanitary pads end up missing about 5 schooldays per month! That is 2 months per year of valuable school-time which is almost impossible to recover!

Founded in 2018

GET APPrenticeschip AND WORK

GET APP & WORK is a project devoted to young adults. They work about 6 months with the Tuma Viela foundation. Aside from learning how to make the various products, they also learn how to work in a team, how to have a good work-attitude, how to deal with and conquer challenges. After 6 months they will have saved up enough money through Tuma Viela, to pay for the job-training of their choice.

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