This project was initiated to support our youth in building something valuable for themselves. Often young boys and girls, who can’t find work, are sent to the larger cities like Accra and Kumasi to work as ‘carrier’. They live an uncertain and hard life on the streets. Girls often get pregnant, resulting in babies and young children being exposed to a homeless life. Young boys often hang around aimlessly and bored. They want to work but it hard to come by. Many of them try to seek out a life outside Ghana. Being able to learn a trade and having a steady income would be a solution…
Because the Ghanaian population is in large made up of young people, it is important to involve them in our activities. That is why we started the GET APPrenticeship & WORK, in short: GET APP & WORK.
An apprentice in Ghana learns a trade from a Master in a certain field. A Master Tailor for instance, is often surrounded by young students, as well as a Master Car Mechanic or Hairdresser.

About Get APPrenticeship and work

Becoming an apprentice with any Master requires an investment. And not all kids have access to that kind of money.
With GET APP & WORK, we offer young people the opportunity to earn the money needed.
We provide space for 12 people to come and work with us. They work with the Tuma Viela project for six months, making items from the plastic litter that comes in.
Not only do they do that, they also learn how to be part of a team and to have a good attitude, many skills which will help them later on. Every day we put aside their earnings and at the end of the six months, they will have enough money to pay a Master, the required uniform, tools & machinery needed.
During their apprenticeship they will be trained to become independent seamstresses, carpenters, masons, weavers, anything they desire.
This way they work towards their future!

Keeping Tabs…

Nothing delights us more than following these boys and girls once they leave us. We keep in contact. We regularly check in with their Masters to see how they are doing. Now and then they pop in to greet us and give us an update. At times we may jump in to assist in resolving a minor issue. We often receive compliments from our Tailor Masters, as our apprentices have a huge advantage on other students, due to the six months they’ve spent sewing with us. They are already skillful with they sewing machine before stepping into their master program, giving them that extra edge!

Apprentices and Sponsorship

Companies, funds, groups of friends or individuals can all support these apprentices. Guiding, preparing and teaching these young people and getting them ready for their Master program for six months and costs for the tools needed comes to 2500GHS per student.