“New Cooking Bag” is the second initiative of the Adwuma Ye foundation, and was founded together with Tuma Viela in 2014.
The New Cooking Bag symbolizes a new way of cooking. Ellen and her team devised a plan to introduce the slow cooking method in Ghana.
The modernization of the haybox, with an African flavour. They developed a version of it which is completely made up of local resources and very functional. They call it the New Cooking bag. For the filling they use local silk cotton, the biggest advantage being that silk cotton is 100% natural and has huge isolating capacity. We buy from the local silk cotton farmers which benefits them too.

About New Cooking Bag

Women in Ghana have to invest a lot of time and money in the preparation of meals and it prevents them from further personal development. On top of that, the traditional way of cooking is a health hazard, not to mention the impact it has on the environment. World Wide, more than 2 billion people cook traditionally with wood or coal. Not only is it unhealthy, it is also one of the causes of heavy deforestation and climate change.

How does it work “The New Way of Cooking”?

The New Cooking Bag (NCB) is used to cook food without a continuous need for heat. The food is brought to a boil in a pan with water over a fire. Once it is boiled, the fire can be extinguished and the pan with its contents is put directly into the NCB. The NCB is tied shut. Because of the insulating properties of the NCB the temperature in the pan remains high and the food continues to cook until it is ready. Since there is some heat loss the cooking time is longer than when using permanent heat. A lot of the traditional dished prepared in Ghana are suited for the use of an NCB.

Would you like to try the New Cooking Bag yourself? You can! It is available for purchase in the Netherlands, in a variety of gorgeous African fabrics. Below, find several recipes and tips on how you can use the NCB. Purchasing a New Cooking Bag not only provides you a new way of cooking, it also supports our project. Do you have a dish that you prepared with the NCB? We would love for you to share it with us! You can send us the recipe and some pictures.

The benefits of cooking with the New Cooking Bag

With the many advantages of cooking in the New Cooking Bag, we hope to convince many women in Ghana to adopt this new form of cooking.